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What Can You Do

Recognize that your responsibility as a Christian goes well beyond worshiping one hour, one day a week. As a disciple of Jesus we are asked to roll up our sleeves and do something to make this world a better place, to make our society more moral and just, to help our youth understand our faith and live it without being embarrassed, to help feed the hungry, and to ensure the environment is protected.

God created you with an awesome purpose for life. Through prayer, Bible study, and community with other believers you can discover His pan for you. St. Stephen has opportunities to help you grow in your walk with God.

So, join one of our existing ministries and help them implement existing programs or suggest new initiatives and make them happen. Help us make St. Stephen a magnet for people of good will.

This ministry helps parents to fulfill the promises they made at their child's baptism by teaching children the riches of our Catholic faith and helping them to come to know and love Jesus more fu
Following Christ helps those who have completed Discovering Christ to grow in their relatio
This multimedia educational curriculum proclaims Jesus Christ as the source of conversion and new life.
This ministry helps parishioners in need of assistance by providing dinners for families while they are sick, recovering from health issues or in times of need.
It is at Mass that we Catholics, ordinarily receive Jesus through Holy Communion.
We are the world's largest Catholic lay men's organization dedicated to serving our pastor and parish. We are the strong right arm of the pastor.
These ministries may also be called "reader" or "proclaimer" of the Word. A lector is the person who proclaims the first or second reading at Mass.
The Church calls on us to transform the liturgical environment throughout the year in order to emphasize the seasonal mood during Mass in ordinary time and in the holy seasons.
Marriage and Family Life Preparation prepares engaged and previously married couples for marriage and family life by holding a series of meetings with deacons to discuss church teaching, referral
Martha's Ministry supports the bereaved at their time of mourning and loss. Our principal service is to host a "Celebration of Life" luncheon for the family and friends of the deceased.