St. Stephen Liturgy Committee

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St. Stephen Liturgy Committee meets regularly to plan parish liturgical and worship ceremonies. Each liturgical celebration is based on diocesan guidelines for the church's liturgical year, assessing the needs and priorities of St. Stephen community as well. Representatives of the environment, music, catechetical instruction and the various liturgical ministries meet with the pastor to discuss the needs unique to each celebration and the over-all plan of implementation. As the liturgical year proceeds a beautiful transition occurs in our worship space from advent, Christmas, Ordinary Time, Lent, Easter, Pentecost and back into ordinary time. Parishioners will notice the different colors, music and symbols indicative of each season. Special solemnities and feast days are celebrated in a way unique to the event or person celebrated. One celebration that stands out as especially unique is the Easter Vigil ceremony. Many people, after attending past Easter Vigil ceremonies have remarked how inspired they were after hearing the "beautiful music" and seeing the worship space transformed by the various colors, flowers and liturgical symbols. It truly reminded them of "heaven" and was the perfect setting for welcoming twelve people to our Catholic faith.


Meets: Program driven time/location per meeting notice

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