The Most Holy Body And Blood of Christ

Bulletin Date: 
Sunday, June 18, 2017

Feast of Corpus Christi

The Feast of Corpus Christi (The Most Holy and Blood of Christ Sunday) commemorates the presence of Christ in the Eucharist. It was first initiated by St. Juliana of Cornillon. St. Juliana received a vision in which she was told that this feast honoring the Body and Blood of Christ was missing in the liturgical calendar and should be added. She was much opposed by some from her own religious order and suffered at their treatment. However, she
shared her vision with and received support from the future Pope Urban IV, who upon becoming Pope sanctioned this feast in 1264. Later Pope Clement V mandated that the feast should be observed throughout the Catholic world.

The Eucharist is, of course, central to our Catholic faith. It is the source from which we gain spiritual strength and vitality and the summit of saving faith as we remember and receive Jesus who suffered for us. This being so, you would think that we would not need to have a special feast day to celebrate Jesus’ Body and Blood, inasmuch as we should be celebrating it at each mass as we receive him. By the ready availability of this heavenly meal, like our daily nourishment, we sometimes take it for granted and treat it with a familiarity that breeds ingratitude. Consequently, this feast day functions much like Thanksgiving does for many Americans. It is a time to pause and reflect with gratitude in a special way and with a special feast, to recall that with which we have been especially blessed.

This is a Sunday in which we can pause and recognize our dependence, and receive him not only into our mouth but also into a grateful heart. This annual feast must remind us that as we receive Jesus’ Body and Blood in the Eucharist that he made the ultimate sacrifice for us, and it should elicit from us not only willing dependence on him but an invitation to Jesus to abide in us providing true life. Let us pray in the words of St. Thomas à Kempis, “Lord, all things in Heaven and earth are Yours. I desire to give myself to You as a free offering, and to be Yours for ever. O Lord, in simplicity of heart I offer myself to You this day, to be Your servant for ever: I do this as an act of homage to You, and as an act of perpetual praise.”

God Bless! Fr. Elmer