Third Sunday of Easter

Bulletin Date: 
Sunday, April 30, 2017

They Recognized Him in the Scripture and Breaking of the Bread

How do you feel when you meet someone for the second time, and they don’t recognize you or know who you are? Do you feel somewhat diminished? Do you not wonder whether this relational disconnect is a reflection of your unimportance, their lack of understanding of your value, or is it just a case of bad memory? Jesus also went unrecognized by many, but he was not lessened by their failure to recognize him. In
some cases people like the Israelites Peter spoke to in the first reading, didn’t recognize Jesus as being from God, or as being the Messiah and Savior. Others, like the disciples in today’s Gospel reading, caught up in their own woundedness, also failed to recognize him as they moved through their daily life.

It is difficult to imagine that the disciples could be in the actual presence of the resurrected Savior, conversing with him, yet unable to recognize him. But is it really so hard to believe? We too are often in the actual presence of Jesus and fail to recognize him. When we are with other believers, in whom Jesus lives, he is there, really there. When we read or hear the Scriptures, he is there, really there. When we unite with others around the Eucharist, Christ is present, really present. Sadly, we often fail to recognize him.

Like the disciples’ experience on the road to Emmaus, there is no recognition unless the Lord opens our understanding and reveals himself. It was in the Scriptures and in the breaking of the bread that Jesus revealed himself to the disciples. These are the means he still chooses to show himself to us.

Our spiritual future can be characterized by a hopeless, dull disappointment or by a vibrant experience of fulfillment. God is ever ready to open our eyes through the Scriptures and through the Eucharist, but we must be willing to seek him there. We do that by reading and meditating on Sacred Scripture and by seeking his presence in the Eucharist. If we do either with only token commitment we cannot expect anything other than a token recognition of his presence.

God Bless!! Fr Elmer