Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Bulletin Date: 
Sunday, November 12, 2017

Being Wise Means Being Prepared

At first hearing, there is a worrisome note in the parable Jesus tells near the end of Matthew’s account of his ministry. We like to think of Jesus as the Lord of second chances, even third and fourth, and that we have plenty of time to get our act together and to gather the necessary “oil” to welcome him when he returns. But the bridegroom’s final words are, “I do not know you.”

Is Jesus indicating that a day will come when that opportunity to make up for what we have failed to do will not be given, that the time for springing into action will have come and gone? Could we find ourselves locked out of the party? Since most of us are sometime foolish, sometimes wise, what form does foolishness take in our lives? What are we putting off doing?

Matthew uses this parable to fire up his community’s desire for the return of the Lord, to call them to a more active hope in Jesus’ return. It also serves to confront indifference and lethargy in our lives. That necessary oil can refer to doing those good works that allow the light to shine in the world, especially when darkness threatens.

Being wise means being prepared for a future with the Lord. Jesus is the Wisdom of God who gives us a share of this wisdom as a gift of the Spirit. Let us both seek wisdom and be prepared to welcome it when it comes to us.

God Bless!! Fr. Elmer