Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Bulletin Date: 
Sunday, October 15, 2017


In this week’s Gospel reading it is interesting to note the excuses the invited guests gave for not accepting the invitation. Most busy people would say that these excuses are reasonable, but in actuality none of the reasons were really necessary hindrances, just convenient excuses. And that is how the king viewed them; as illegitimate, showing frivolous disrespect for both the celebration and the ones celebrated.
Their disingenuous excuses were believed only by the people giving the excuses. Consequently, the king ordered his servants to go into the highways and byways to invite as many as they can to the banquet.

It is both a cause of wonder and of praise to reflect on the fact that like the wedding banquet the gates of heaven have been opened to “both bad and good.” We wonder how can this be so? The answer, “By Grace!” sends us to our knees in praise because, “Jesus Christ prepares us, as it were, for God’s presence and for each other’s company, so that we can sit down together at table. … He clothes himself so to speak, in the garment of our poverty, and in being taken up by him, we are able to be with God, we have gained access to God. We are washed through our willingness to yield to his love. The meaning of this love is that God accepts us without preconditions, even if we are unworthy of his love, incapable of relating to him, because he, Jesus Christ, transforms us and becomes a brother to us.”

God Bless, !!! Fr. Elmer