Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Bulletin Date: 
Sunday, September 24, 2017

Generous God

God’s ways are not our ways, and that his thoughts are higher than our thoughts. We can be thankful for that, for when it comes to eternity who of us wants to receive only that which we deserve? Who of us does not desire to be treated with a more merciful form of justice than that which we see displayed here on earth. Only those persons who are blind observers of their own spiritual shortcomings would want it otherwise. Rather, we long for mercy (God not giving us what we deserve) and grace (God giving us what we do not deserve). This parable points out that merciful and gracious treatment is exactly what we can count on from our loving Father.

The mercy of salvation in Jesus doesn’t make sense to the unconverted mind. The Scriptures report that the world will see the simplicity of the Gospel as foolishness. Even for the converted the mystery of salvation can only be understood in part, and so we praise and thank God for the wonders of mercy and grace. It is with this sense of wonder and mystery that we approach this week’s Gospel reading. It is only natural on a first superficial reading of this passage to find ourselves agreeing with the complainers that the owner of the vineyard was treating them unfairly. But a closer reading and reflection enables us to see that it really isn’t so. This is especially true when we realize that the parable is an illustration of the way things are different in the Kingdom of Heaven then they are in the kingdom of humans. When we realize what this parable teaches indirectly about our eternal rewards, then our response becomes “Hallelujah!”

God Bless! Fr. Elmer