Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Bulletin Date: 
Sunday, October 8, 2017

God’s Expectation

The parable in this week’s Gospel reading deals with unfulfilled expectations, and with disappointments. It implies that God had expectations for the people of Israel, and that Israel’s response was disappointing. In this parable the landowner’s legitimate expectations for his tenant farmers were thwarted, even when he sent his son to see that they were carried out. Not unlike the treatment our Lord received, they responded with hostility resulting in the violent death of the householder’s son. In Jesus’ case the rejection of his rightful claim as Lord, first took subtle forms; behind the back conversations against him, hostile questioning, judgmentalism, and foot-dragging reticence to follow and respond to him. Eventually this hostility burst forth into overt opposition, conspiracy, and murder.

Does God have expectations for you and for me? Most of us today are concerned with our own expectations of others, and with avoiding disappointment, but perhaps we should expend our energies more fully on the opportunity we have to fulfill our Lord’s expectations. Will we be faithful stewards, tending the vineyards he has entrusted to us. When we reject him, either subtly by trying to avoid his claim on our lives, or overtly by resisting his will, we suffer by not fully sharing in his life and the good he has for us. Perhaps there can be no fuller joy than to hear Jesus’ “Well done.”

God Bless,! Fr. Elmer